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On this podcast we discuss tea and tea culture with a member of the tea community. We discuss not just tea but our personal experiences with tea, where its taken us, what we've learned, who we've met, art we've created, or businesses started. I hope you join me on Hot Leaf Juice!

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    There is No Tea Pope - So Han Fan

    With the return of the show for a second season we sit down with So Fan Han, founder of West China Tea Company and co-founder of the Guan Yin Tea House in Austin, TX. So Han has been teaching tea in person for many years now and is featured on a new YouTube channel Tea House Ghost in a series that teaches the basics of the Gong Fu Cha tea brewing style.

    Tea House Ghost -

    Music courtesy of Equity Slate.

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    Who Buys Tea? A Conversation with Jeffrey McIntosh of Tea Book

    This time we have a brief interview with Jeffry McIntosh, founder of about business strategy, who drinks tea and what he thinks needs to be brought to the tea market to expand the tea industry and community. Jeffrey is a really knowledgable and passionate guy who has very cool technical perspective on tea, I'm sure you'll like this conversation as much as I did. He's all over social media but is very active on instagram @myteabook.

    Our music is from Equity Slate and you can find his work at and

    You can reach me at

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    Direct Tea Trade with Elyse Petersen of Tealet

    In this episode we talk with Elyse Petersen of which is a wholesale "online farmer's market" that connects buyers with single-origin tea farms. Elyse and I talk about her love for tea and get a under the hood look at the tea trade and what she wants to see change for the better. Snoop Dogg may or may not get a shoutout. If you want to get in contact with Elyse its at

    You can always send me email at

    We reference a report called Tea 2030 which can be found here

    Our music is provided by Equity Slate. You can find his great music at and

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    Always Use Fresh Water with George Jaw

    In this episode I talk about tea culture with George Jaw, the founder of the Las Vegas Tea Culture Institute. You can find them on Facebook under the group name "Las Vegas Tea Club". George is a fun and amazing guy who has a great foundational love and knowledge of tea but is very oriented toward new ideas and expanding what it means to have a tea culture in North America.

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    Tea Farming With Taka Ino at Mauna Kea

    In this episode we get to talk to Taka Ino, a tea farmer on the Big Island of Hawaii. Taka started farming on Hawaii ten years ago after going back to Japan to learn about how to make tea. He has a beautiful farm with plenty of other plants and uses natural farming methods to produce amazing tea that tastes like no other region.

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    The Art of Tea with Taylor Drye the Mad Monk of San Diego

    On this episode I chat with San Diego based tea sourcer Taylor Drye. Taylor and I talk about his company Mad Monk Tea, sustainable farming, and living and drinking tea with the seasons. Taylor has launched an amazing new website you have to check out at Our music was generously provided by Equity Slate, an artist who makes chill beats perfect for drinking tea. You can find this song "oolong;tea" and more at

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    Tea in Taiwan with Jason Chang of

    In this episode I drink tea with Jason Chang the founder of a store that sells excellent tea from Taiwan and soon other parts of the world. We talk about how he got into tea, what tea farming is like in Taiwan, and how climate effects the taste of tea. Its a great episode so fire up the kettle and drink tea with us!

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    Exploring the World of Tea with Erin Wildman of Caravan Tea

    In this episode I speak with Erin Wildman the founder of Caravan Tea, a online tea retail startup out of LA. Erin can be found at and on Instagram @caravanteaco. You can email any questions, comments, suggestions, or tea puns to me at

    Our new intro music is "Baba Yaga" by Kevin MacLeod provided royalty free. Thanks Kevin!

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    "Episode Zero" 2015 interview with The Jade Leaf

    As promised here is the first tea audio project I did that helped inspire this podcast. Its an interview with Emilio Del Pozo and Spring of The Jade Emilio is a tea vendor and wood fired potter based in Taiwan. I met Emilio at my old job at Leaf and Kettle and was able to host him last year. The audio will not be as nice, I think I recorded it with my phone.

    You can find Emilio's work at

    You can find Emilio's work at

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